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Doctors Found a Toy Traffic Cone in a Man's Lung. He Inhaled It 40 Years Ago

Sep 28, 2017
TIME Health
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Doctors removed a tiny toy traffic cone from an adult patient's lung after it was believed to be a tumor.

The 47-year-old man inhaled the small toy as a child about 40 years ago when he received it as part of a present for his seventh birthday, the BBC reported.

The tiny traffic cone hadn't affected the man until he developed a persistent cough more than a year prior to its removal, according to the British Medical Journal, which published the case report.

It was initially thought that the patient, who is a long-time smoker, had a cancerous tumor when a scan showed something on his lung, the BBC reported.

Four months since the object was removed, the man's symptoms are almost entirely gone, according to the BBC.

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