Happy Birthday cake
Happy Birthday cake JamieB—Getty Images/RooM RF

The Internet Can't Get Enough Of This Grandma's Above Average 98th Birthday Celebration

Sep 25, 2017

Some grandmas bake cookies, crochet, or take up golf in their golden years—and others get tattoos, plan skydiving trips, and get cake smashed into their face for a photo shoot.

A Maryland woman known only as Gladys, marks her milestone birthdays in very unique ways. Previously, when she celebrated her 95th birthday she got matching tattoos with her granddaughter, according to Buzzfeed, and when she turns 100, she is plotting a skydiving trip.

For her 98th birthday, though, Gladys and her granddaughter planned a very special—and very unusual—birthday photo shoot. They asked photographer Cara Lynn McGilvrey to take photos of Gladys sipping champagne straight from the bottle and eating cake with her face.

The photos, which show Gladys sporting blue hair and a matching tutu, were shared on the photographer’s Facebook page and almost instantly went viral, which is just one more thing for Gladys to cross off her bucket list. The photos are incredibly fun and also very inspirational. Even the photographer told Buzzfeed that Gladys is “exactly who I want to be when I grow up”—and everyone who looks at the photos probably feels exactly the same way.

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