AirVenture2016, Lockheed Marti U-2 Spy-Plane
Lockheed Marti U-2 Spy-Plane Education Images—UIG/Getty Images

Report: Iran Sent Warnings to U.S. Aircraft Twice in 6 Months

Sep 03, 2017

Iran's Arabic language TV station al-Alam is reporting that the country's air defense base sent two warnings in the last six months to U.S. spy aircraft that approached Iranian airspace.

The TV's website quoted the country's chief of air defense, Brig. Gen. Farzad Esmaili, as saying Iran warned a U2 reconnaissance aircraft on March 21. He did not mention the location.

He also said the country's air defense warned an American drone on Aug. 26.

Gen. Esmaili says: "We do not allow such rabid aircrafts to enter our territory and if necessary, will not hesitate to destroy them."

Iran has repeatedly announced such activities over the past years to demonstrate the capabilities of the country's armed forces.

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