By Kate Samuelson
July 14, 2017

If Kellyanne Conway hadn’t received enough mockery after bizarrely holding up printed signs reading “Illusion, Delusion” and “Conclusion, Illusion” during a Wednesday night interview on Fox’s Hannity, she has now, thanks to Stephen Colbert’s latest skit poking fun at the White House.

During The Late Show Thursday night, Colbert recreated Conway’s sign-holding technique, which she dubbed “Fun With Words.”

“Fun! I want to try,” joked Colbert, to the delight of his studio audience.

“I’ve got some handy visual aids here — Trump Jr. tried to ‘Articulate,’ but that turned out to ‘Incriminate,'” he said, holding up corresponding printed signs. It’s easy to remember — it’s something even an idiot would ‘Anticipate’ and now he’s going to be an ‘Inmate.’ I thought we’d have some fun with words.”

Conway’s Thursday interview became an immediate viral hit, with some social media users making the connection with the infamous Love Actually card-holding scene.

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