By Raisa Bruner
July 12, 2017

Emma Stone is proving that you really don’t need to leave the continental U.S. to have a perfectly delightful summer vacation. In fact, you can just pop over to your local winery for a bit of warm-weather fun — as long as you roll deep with your crew, and come equipped with parasols and plentiful supplies of wine, that is.

In a series of photos posted by her tight-knight group of friends on Instagram, the Oscar-winning La La Land actor can be seen enjoying a bit of wine tasting at Kunde Family Winery, a picturesque, family-owned vineyard north of San Francisco in the famous grape-growing region of Sonoma County. Based on social media posts, they even got to explore inside a cavernous warehouse where wine is aged in giant oak barrels.

They also partook in some parasol-wielding photos with a view — and dropped by the world-renowned restaurant The French Laundry, run by acclaimed chef Thomas Keller (with whom they snapped a celebrity pic, for the record), to enjoy what looks like an elaborate multi-course meal. Not bad.

So while Stone has kept a low profile post-Oscars, it’s good to know she’s having a delightful summer without even stepping outside of California state lines.

Might actually be having the best time..

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Sometimes you have to drink wine while looking at gross views. #kundewinery #repriswinery

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Noah and Martha with #EmmaStone (her friends) in Kenwood tasting good wine, recently. California

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