By Megan McCluskey
June 23, 2017

Following the unveiling of the Republican health care bill drafted by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his fellow GOP lawmakers, Jimmy Kimmel sat down with a group of children to discuss the hot-button issue of American health care.

During Thursday’s episode of Live!, the host aired a segment dubbed “Jimmy + Kids Talk Health Care” in which he asked several youngsters for their opinions on everything from surgery to “fried Chickenpox.”

One young boy stood out from the pack throughout the clip, declaring that he wanted to grow up to be a “Trump guy” and refusing — unlike his two female peers — to share a hypothetical bottle of water with a thirsty Kimmel.

“So, you’re saying if they give me water, you don’t need to give me any of your water?” Kimmel asked. “You are going to be a President Trump.”

Watch the full clip above.


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