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For the Record

Jun 22, 2017

'It is a silent tsunami.'

Shaista Hakim, drug-rehabilitation specialist in Kabul, explaining the sharp increase in recent years of opium addiction, now affecting not just Afghan men but also women and children, as poppy production has returned in the war-torn nation; Hakim continued, "In another few years, it will be a disaster"

'Perhaps worst-case scenarios should be considered the new normal.'

Geological Society of America Researchers, reporting that because of climate change Louisiana's coastline is shrinking at a higher rate than previously thought; it is now well within what the organization considers to be a "danger zone"

Old beef

Katy Perry said she hoped to resolve disputes with pop-music rival Taylor Swift



Fresh beef

The new McDonald's Quarter Pounder took longer to prepare in test runs, angering customers

'This is not vindication or victory.'

Steven T. O'Neill, judge in Montgomery County in Pennsylvania, announcing on June 17 that the jury could not reach a verdict in actor Bill Cosby's sexual-assault trial






Percentage of Americans who responded that they think brown cows produce chocolate milk, according to a survey from the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy


Mohammed Mahmoud, imam at the Finsbury Park mosque in northern London, speaking hours after a man drove a van into a group of worshippers in the early morning of June 19, killing one and injuring 10; Mahmoud told those who pinned the suspect not to harm him but instead to let police come and do their job

'We have a lot of work to do, a lot of problems we need to solve.'

Karen Handel, U.S. Representative-elect, declaring victory over Democrat Jon Ossoff in a nail-biter special election for Georgia's Sixth Congressional District; seeking to wrest the seat after 38 years of Republican control as a referendum on the Trump Administration, Democrats raised $25 million, helping make the race the most expensive in U.S. House history


Value of avocados stolen by three California produce-company workers, according to the Ventura County sheriff's office, in a case that authorities have nicknamed Grand Theft Avocado


Number of American voters whose personal information (such as birth dates, home addresses and phone numbers) was exposed when Republican-hired firm Deep Root Analytics stored the data on a cloud server without using password protection for at least two weeks


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