Small part of Lava flowing, Holuhraun, Iceland
On August 29, 2014, a fissure eruption started in Holuhraun at the northern end of a magma intrusion that had moved progressively north, from the Bardarbunga volcano. Bardarbunga is a stratovolcano located under Vatnajokull, Iceland's most extensive glacier. Arctic-Images—Getty Images

The Internet Turned This Meme Into a Goldmine for Jokes About Everything They Hate

Jun 19, 2017

The internet's latest viral meme is all about dodging certain people, places and things at all costs.

It's called "the floor is..." meme, and it usually involves a picture of an acrobatic person scaling the walls of a hallway. The jokes started floating around in April, but picked up steam in June, according to KnowYourMeme. The genesis of the meme has to do with "the floor is lava," a popular game for kids that's otherwise known as "the ground is lava." The rule of the game is simple: go anywhere or touch anything, but just don't dare touch the floor, otherwise you'd be swallowed up into the molten rock forever.

But now the internet has decided the floor isn't lava anymore. People have been running with the floor avoidance theme to express things they'd do anything to avoid coming in contact with.

Know Your Meme suggests this was the tweet that launched it all.

Soon enough the internet got down to remixing the anti-floor meme to joke about all the things they'd rather dodge.

Some people hit the floor.

Camila Cabello even got in on the fun.

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