Wonder Woman Superfans Have Their Backs Covered With This Edgy Sword Trick

Jun 16, 2017

Aspiring Wonder Women of the world are taking their cues from one already-iconic scene in Patty Jenkins' blockbuster superhero film and copying the costuming — with edgy results.

In one of Gal Gadot's most notable moments onscreen as the Amazonian princess, she enters a gala equipped only with a stunning blue ball gown and her sword, called God Killer, sheathed expertly in the space between her bare shoulder blades. It's a dramatic visual, and one that has captivated audiences. It's also inspired a number of women to test out her sword-carrying technique for themselves, recreating the unusual hold while dressed up in their Wonder Woman finest.

Using the #WWGotYourBack hashtag, many are submitting their looks to Twitter, showing that just like Gadot demonstrated, it is indeed possible to be black-tie appropriate and ready for battle at the same time. (Just don't try sitting down.)

And it's not just longswords that are getting tested with this new concealed-carry tactic. Why not a scimitar, a katana, a tomahawk or some regular old kitchen knives?

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