June 8, 2017


Karl Vick’s June 12 cover story on Jared Kushner’s role in the White House showed that the popular idea of Kushner as a “moderating force” is “overblown,” wrote Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg News. On Twitter, Paul Risley connected the story’s sketch of Kushner’s relationship with Trump to the family and power dynamics of The Godfather. Rick Thoeni of Denville, N.J., said it was “disappointing” to read that Kushner and Trump are “guided by the words family first” when his own father, as a nuclear launch officer in the U.S. Air Force, said country came first. “Shouldn’t we expect at least this,” he wrote, “from the President of the United States?”


Educators found several teachable moments in Josh Sanburn’s June 12 feature on a South Dakota school that’s become a model for two-year education. “This article in the latest issue of TIME makes me so excited!” Leslie Creath, who works at a St. Louis high school, wrote on Facebook. University of Virginia public-policy professor Sally Hudson tweeted that the story was a “great summary of the challenges that free tuition won’t fix.” But not everyone was pleased. Tonia L. Payne, an English professor at Nassau Community College in Garden City, N.Y., said her first reaction was “anger” at the story’s lack of discussion of such schools’ liberal-arts course offerings: “We educate citizens, not just workers: we are concerned for the whole person.”


Decades after a ban on logging California’s redwoods, poachers still sneak into parks to hack off the burls of the famous trees. Photographers Gretchen LeMaistre and Kirk Crippens detail the damage in their book Live Burls, with images like the one below. See more at time.com/redwoods


TIME got a sneak peek at a letter the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali wrote to his second wife Khalilah Camacho-Ali explaining why he converted to Islam–tracing the decision to a Nation of Islam cartoon of white slaveholders forcing slaves to pray to Jesus. Read the full letter, which appears in the upcoming book Ali: A Life by Jonathan Eig, and TIME’s interview with Camacho-Ali at time.com/ali-islam

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This appears in the June 19, 2017 issue of TIME.

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