Morning Must Reads: April 3

Mark Wilson—Getty Images The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

In the news: Fatal shooting at Fort Hood; Supreme Court strikes down campaign contribution caps; Afghanistan's presidential election; Mideast peace talks teeter; What's prettier in print

  • “At least four people were killed on Wednesday in a shooting at the Fort Hood Army base in Texas, including the gunman, officials said. It was the second deadly shooting at the base in the past five years.” [TIME]
    • Hunting for Elusive Answers in the Fort Hood Shooting [TIME]
  • Supreme Court Strikes Down Campaign Contribution Caps [SCOTUS Blog]
    • The Alabama Engineer Who Made History at the Supreme Court [TIME]
    • “Campaign finance experts agree that the grip of big money over the American political system has never been greater—or not in a century, since the days when Montana mining baron William Clark bribed a state Legislature into naming him to the U.S. Senate.” [Politico]
  • U.S. Secretly Created ‘Cuban Twitter’ To Stir Unrest [AP]
  • “Federal authorities have opened a criminal investigation into a recent $400 million fraud involving Citigroup’s Mexican unit…” [NYT]
  • “Seven months before the election, the GOP senators in line to become committee chairmen know what they would do with their gavels…” [Hill]
  • “House conservatives unloaded on their Republican leaders in two closed-door meetings Wednesday, a response to last week’s maneuver to extend the so-called doc fix with an unexpected voice vote. Nevertheless, most members said they would not seek retribution by voting against Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal next week.” [National Journal]
  • Collins, King Join in Backing Report on CIA Torture [Roll Call]
  • Watch How the Washington Landslide Area Changed Over Time [TIME]
  • “For Afghanistan’s ‘Generation America,’ Saturday’s presidential election marks a vital rite of passage. Almost two thirds of Afghans are younger than 25, and millions have come of age during the 12 years since U.S. troops and development dollars arrived…” [WSJ]
  • “Acknowledging that Mideast peace talks he has shepherded for a year are teetering, Secretary of State John F. Kerry appealed directly to Israeli and Palestinian leaders Thursday not to miss a fleeting ‘moment’ to make peace.” [WashPost]
  • Prettier in Print
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