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Kids Urged to Watch Out for Sugary Candies That Have Been Laced with Drugs

May 16, 2017

Indiana police have apprehended a man for mixing narcotics like Xanax and heroin into pieces that are disguised to look like the popular candy SweeTarts. They're concerned that local teens and kids in Greenfield, IN are at risk of consuming the colorful treats, potentially unaware of the embedded risks — and that they'd be dealing with much more than just a sugar high after popping one of the candies, which authorities are referring to as "Sweet Tarts."

The arrest of 30-year-old Jeramie Smith follows a multi-month investigation. During a search of Smith's house, the authorities discovered methamphetamine, syringes, and baggies.

"These drugs post a threat to unsuspecting children whom believe them to be candy," the police department added in their statement, urging parents to speak with their children about the inherent risks of the drugs — and to notify the department if they come across any of the pastel-colored pastilles. (They collected about 100 from the suspect's residence.) Smith faces several charges including dealing and possession of a controlled substance.

Looks like that old adage — "Don't take candy from strangers" — remains just as relevant now as ever.

WARNING: Greenfield Detectives recovered over a hundred of these so called 'sweet tarts' last week. This is a new drug,...

Posted by Greenfield Police Department on Monday, May 15, 2017
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