The Best Trump Impersonator Had a Total Meltdown At Playtime With Cute Kids

May 12, 2017

The world's best Donald Trump impersonator is mocking the president's inner-child on a whole new level.

On Thursday night's The President Show, a Comedy Central series created by and starring Anthony Atamanuik, "Trump" visits a classroom for a "Presidential Distraction Photo Op With Cute Kids." At first, he's itching to get out of there, but soon enough, he bonds with his peers.

The adorable political props were his toughest crowd for his story time reading of The Art of the Deal, and for his business lessons with blocks, which poked fun at his employment of undocumented workers for the construction of his property. But encouragingly, he gets some laughs when his turkey hand drawing turns out to be the smallest of all.

It all goes downhill when Vice President Mike Pence (Peter Grosz) forces him to leave, and "Trump" throws a full-on tantrum.

Watch the full physically brilliant clip below.

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