By Cady Lang
May 9, 2017

When Vetements and Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia designed a $2,145 luxury leather doppelganger of the trusty, $0.99 Ikea FRAKTA polypropylene bag for Balenciaga, the Internet erupted with the general sentiment that the Emperor was wearing no clothes.

Some clever Internet fashion enthusiasts, however, saw this as an opportunity to pay homage to the iconic Ikea staple and to troll the fashion industry’s logomania moment by creating their own bold style statements using the sturdy FRAKTA bags. From wallets to lingerie, the sky’s the limit when it comes to repurposed Ikea fashion wear — and at $0.99 a pop, this is one sartorial choice that won’t break the bank. We’ve rounded up the best of the Ikea fashion moments – which have been popping up for awhile now – below.

In the market for a hat perfect any weather? Why not sport this bright blue Ikea version that’s conveniently waterproof.

An Ikea bag also makes the perfect material for a sturdy wallet.

limited quantity of IKEA wallets available now via 🙇🏻

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One intrepid fashion designer used the Ikea bag handles as a trim for a pair of trousers.

i feel like Demna today😎 #ikea #balenciaga

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While others repurposed the bag for more provocative offerings.

BALENCIAGA x IKEA limited hoax thong

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Tailor-made for my girl @aria.duan 👌 #IKEAMASK #HANDCRAFT #FRAKTA #FRAKTAMASK

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✏️IKEA choker🖌 #DIY4LYF #ilil #ililtokyo #ikeachoker

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Others chose to create uniquely Ikea-esque footwear. No word on the wearability, but they definitely made a statement.




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