Stephen Colbert Mocks Alex Jones With a Fiery New Right-Wing Character

Updated: Apr 20, 2017 8:42 AM ET

Stephen Colbert is having more fun taking radio host Alex Jones to task — and he's using a new impression to get the job done.

On Wednesday's Late Show, the host impersonated Jones with a new Jones-like character "Tuck Buckford," a hard-charging conspiracy theorist prone to firing off pro-masculinity, anti-government tirades.

"I don't know about you, but I have been riveted to the trial of the century of the week," Colbert said, breezing through some of the finer points of his target's parental custody battle.

"But I feel for Alex Jones because I, too, for many years played a beloved right-wing character," Tuck Buckford, "who had a lot of the same legal problems, which he often talked about on his radio show." Colbert then played a clip of the character screaming his way through the parody segment Brain Fight.

He also went to town on the Austin American-Statesman report that Jones couldn't recall details about his children's school because he had "eaten a lot of chili for lunch."

Watch him demonstrate how to use "God's food" in the totally safe for work video below.

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