See How People Totally Cleaned Out These Grocery Stores for Winter Storm Stella

Mar 14, 2017

Winter storm Stella, a "Nor'easter" storm expected to bring more than a foot of snow to parts of the East Coast on Tuesday, is shaping up to be one of the most epic blizzards of the year, a fact that wasn't lost on Northeast residents who sprung into action last night to prepare for the impending weather.

As snow days were announced on the East Coast, anxious residents stocked up on supplies — leading to a veritable flurry of their own in supermarkets up and down the Northeast.

Crowded aisles, cleared out shelves, and seemingly endless lines were the sad reality for anyone who didn't have a well-stocked fridge ahead of the snowstorm. To put it bluntly — there was no calm before this storm.

See just how crazy the run for storm Stella rations was below.

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