By Charlotte Alter
February 17, 2017

President Donald Trump is traveling to South Carolina on Friday to meet with airplane company Boeing about jobs.

The President tweeted Friday that he was “going to Charleston, South Carolina to spend time with Boeing and talk jobs.” Trump has already met once with Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg about a replacement for Air Force One, a meeting which Muilenburg called “very productive.”

The visit comes shortly after an attempt to unionize the plant failed.

Trump has periodically visited companies and factories outside of Washington to tout his campaign promise to save American jobs. In December, Trump visited a Carrier plant in Indiana and boasted that he was “keeping” 1,100 jobs that the company had planned to ship to Mexico. The real number was actually 800. And the deal also included a $16 million investment in the facility, which Carrier’s corporate parent said would be invested into automation — which is likely to cost more jobs later.

His event is schedule to start at about 1 p.m. E.T. You can watch it live above.

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