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Here’s What New Yorkers Were Naming Their Kids in 2015

Dec 29, 2016

Sorry, Sophia. In 2015, New Yorkers had a new favorite name for girls: Olivia.

The Wall Street Journal reports that 1 in every 100 girls born in the Big Apple this year was called Olivia, taking the title of most popular after Sophia’s three-year reign. While Sophia slipped into the No. 2 slot, her cousin Sofia was gently nudged off the top 10 list altogether, with Madison taking her spot.

Madison proved to be most popular among African-American babies, with Skylar moving in as second, according to Gothamist. Isabella and Sophia took off among newborn Latinas.

Emma and Mia were also popular for girls born this year, the Journal reports, while Ethan kept its comfortable lead in the No. 1 spot for boys. Liam, Noah, Jacob and Jayden also made the top five.

In the nation more broadly, Emma and Noah took the top spots, according to the Social Security Administration. Olivia and Ethan, New York City’s favorites, were not far behind, the Journal said.

Baby-name expert and author Laura Wattenberg told the paper that the most popular girls’ names tend to be “old-fashioned in a smooth and easy way,” while boys are typically dubbed with two-syllable names that have a “dominant strong vowel.”


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