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Fugitive Couple Arrested on Welfare Fraud Charges

Colin and Andrea Chisholm
Broward Sheriff's Office Colin and Andrea Chisholm

The duo allegedly received $165,000 in welfare from their home state of Minnesota while living on a $1.2 million yacht in Florida. They are being held without bail and their boat has been repossessed by the Coast Guard

A fugitive couple charged with welfare fraud was arrested Tuesday, Fort Lauderdale police said. The pair, who allegedly received public assistance while living on a luxury yacht in Florida, are being held without bail.

Police apprehended Colin and Andrew Chisholm in the Port Everglades area, NBC Miami reports.

The millionaire couple allegedly received $165,000 from their home state of Minnesota between January 2005 and March 2012, even though they had $3 million across multiple accounts during that time. The Chisholms are also accused of welfare fraud in Florida.

The couple made several payments on their $1.2 million yacht, though it was later repossessed.

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