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Actually comfortable heels that you can party in? An oxymoron, a rarity, a glimmering unicorn in this overpopulated land of cute but painful and blister-inducing heels. Perhaps 1 in every 100 pair of heels is comfy enough to carry you through a full night of dancing — and that’s just not very acceptable, is it?

It’s time to rethink the party shoe and go for something that’ll be both chic and comfortable. We’re talking about the shoes that feel like butter when you slide them on, the ones that cushion you with every step, the heels you can dance in all night and forget that you’re even wearing any shoes at all. Because at the end of a fun evening, the last thing you want to think about is how raw and cramped your feet feel. Sorry to say, no matter how cute the shoe, sore spots just aren’t worth it. From metallic gold slide-ons to velvet slingbacks, scroll through for 13 chic party heels that won’t absolutely kill your feet.

1. Valentino

Take a tip from the pros and slip into a pair inspired by dance. These ‘Tango’ heels feature a sturdy heel that won’t stop your rhythm.

Valentino available at net-a-porter.com | $1,395

2. Fendi

Here’s the foolproof formula for no-fuss heels: block heels for stability + T-bar straps for stay-on power.

Fendi available at net-a-porter.com | $900

3. Dolce and Gabbana

A simple heel with major glamour.

Dolce & Gabbana available at net-a-porter.com | $945

4. Jimmy Choo

Want to add height without compromising comfort? Go for a simple 1-inch heel. A pointed toe and lady-like straps will add elegance.

Jimmy Choo available at net-a-porter.com | $650

5. Saint Laurent

Behold: the princess/disco hybrid heel you’ve always wanted but never had.

Saint Laurent available at net-a-porter.com | $830

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