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Watch Trevor Noah React to Donald Trump’s Election Wins: ‘I Am Very Much Afraid’

The Daily Show host self-medicated with Pepto-Bismol and jokes

As the results continued to tick upward in favor of Republican nominee Donald Trump during Tuesday’s election night broadcast of the The Daily Show, Trevor Noah reacted with sincerity and humor in equal parts.

“This is it, the end of the presidential race, and it feels like the end of the world,” Noah said. “I don’t know if you’ve come to the right place for jokes tonight because this is the first time throughout this entire race where I’m officially sh-tting my pants.”

As surprising as the results might have been to some, Noah did have therapeutic jokes up his sleeve. “We are going to be making jokes tonight but I am very much afraid,” he said. “Donald Trump is doing much better than expected. He’s doing so much winning that I am tired of winning.”

Noah paused to acknowledge why Clinton’s run was a historic moment for women and proceeded to self-medicate with Pepto-Bismol. He later pivoted to Desi Lydic, senior Hillary correspondent, who was struggling to keep the faith for the Democratic nominee.

“We will just have to wait a little bit longer than expected to find out if America prefers the competent, sane woman or a misogynist troll doll.”

Over at Trump’s election party, Trump correspondent Jordan Klepper was less hopeful.

“I kind of assumed Hillary would have locked it up by now, so I didn’t prepare anything for this alternative, horrifying scenario.”

But he scored laughs by poking fun at the campaign.

“Team Trump wasn’t ready for this. This whole party was supposed to be for his defeat. The balloons they bought already said ‘it’s rigged.'”

Later, Keegan-Michael Key joined to talk about why Obama’s presidency meant so much to he and his former Key & Peele co-star Jordan Peele before launching into the sketch show’s popular “Angry Obama” bit.

“I grew up virtually in a single-parent home, Jordan [Peele] grew up in a single-parent home, we’re both biracial people. To have the president be you was an amazing, amazing experience.”

Noah closed by offering advice and a healthy dose of perspective to Clinton supporters.

“You can be dejected and you can be sad, but don’t let it turn into fear,” he said. “Because that is the thing Donald Trump has used to get his side to do something that they never should have done. Stay strong, stay positive.”

Watch the full special from the The Daily Show below.

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