Black spiny-tailed iguana / black iguana / black ctenosaur (Ctenosaura similis) close-up on beach of Manuel Antonio NP
The iguana in Sunday's Planet Earth II episode had a narrow escape from the snakes chasing after it Arterra—UIG via Getty Images

This Chase Scene from Planet Earth II Is More Exciting Than Any Hollywood Movie

Nov 08, 2016

Screened as part of the BBC nature documentary Planet Earth II, a clip of a young iguana pursued by seemingly endless troops of predatory racer snakes in the Galapagos Islands has been viewed over a million times on the television channel's Facebook page. The deadly snakes, which hatch in the sand, force the iguana on a sprint across the beach before it finally finds sanctuary on some higher ground.

Viewers also reacted with their own take on what they thought should have been the music to accompany the dramatic chase scene on social media.

The first episode in the series, presented by wildlife expert David Attenborough, screened on Sunday in the U.K. and explored remote islands around the world that house the planet's rarest creatures.

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