Rubik's Cube
Rubik's Cube George Zoumas / EyeEm

This Guy Just Set a New World Record By Mastering a Rubik's Cube in Less Than 5 Seconds

Nov 07, 2016

For some, even the thought of attempting to solve a Rubik's Cube is daunting. But for Mats Valk, a Dutch speed solver, there's no question of whether he will crack the cube's code, it's just about how quickly he'll be able to do it.

During the second round of the World Cube Association's Jawa Timur Open in Indonesia Sunday, the 20-year-old solved his puzzle in a mere 4.74 seconds to set a new world record. His time beat the previous record — set by 14-year-old Lucas Etter in 2015 — by nearly 0.2 seconds, an eternity in the world of competitive Rubik's cubing.

Watch the full video below.

[h/t Uproxx]

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