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Watch ‘Average Millennial’ Will Ferrell Use All the Cool Teen Slang to Persuade You to Vote

"I just wanted to talk to you directly, one vibrant youth to another."

Hillary Clinton’s campaign continues to draw out the celebrity stops in the election’s final days. Today’s star appearance is comedian Will Ferrell, who features in a comedic one-minute clip urging millennials to get out and vote.

“I’m Will Ferrell: actor, comedian, and typical run-of-the-mill millennial,” the iconic actor begins, decked out in a “Nasty Woman” T-shirt and surrounded by a “squad” of similarly hip-looking young people. “I just wanted to talk to you directly, one vibrant youth to another. So let’s all put down our Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram, and other assorted app-based technologies for a second, so we can keep it 100,” Ferrell implores.

Then he launches into a slang-packed explanation of the fact that voting records are public—so our friends or (gasp!) parents will know if you hit the booth or not. (The video, which has subtitles, also makes ample use of emojis to further illustrate his points.)

“That’s right, bae… if you don’t vote, everyone might find out that you’re the opposite of on fleek or that you’re basic. Or even worse, that you’ve got no chill. All this on top of what will be a serious case of FOMO,” Ferrell concludes.

The video is humorous, but there’s actual political science behind it. It turns out that knowing that your friends and neighbors could find out that you didn’t vote is a significant motivation for many people to turn out.

Watch the full clip shared by Hillary Clinton’s account, below.

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