Gaming Facilities Inside a Vikings Club as Gambling Plague Killing One Aussie Per Day Too Lucrative to Cure
Customers sit at poker machines in the gaming room at the Vikings Club in Canberra, Australia, on Monday, Sept. 26, 2016.  Bloomberg—Bloomberg via Getty Images

Woman Offered a Steak Dinner After Slot Machine Said She Won $43 Million

Nov 01, 2016

A woman whose slot machine said she won nearly $43 million in August was told that she would not receive her winnings because the machine malfunctioned.

Katrina Bookman took a celebratory selfie in front of the screen displaying a win of $42,949,672, and was subsequently escorted from the floor and told to return to New York City's Resorts World Casino the next day for a decision.

When she came back, she was told the machine had a glitch and she hadn't won anything. Instead of offering her the maximum amount that is supposed to be allowed on the machines—$6,500—the casino offered her a steak dinner. The state gaming commission told an ABC affiliate that it would be illegal to offer her the $6,500, noting that "malfunctions void all pays and plays."

Bookman says the money would have meant a lot to her family. She was raised in foster care herself and experienced homelessness as a teenager before raising four kids on her own. She planned to use the millions to buy her son a barber shop and help out her community.


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