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Watch Ariana Grande Freak Out in a Terrifying Haunted Maze

Nov 01, 2016

Pint-sized singer and noted diva impressionist Ariana Grande had the scare of her life when she agreed to accompany Ellen DeGeneres' long-suffering executive producer Andy Lassner to Universal Studios' American Horror Story Halloween Horror maze.

Lassner, who had been sent to try out Universal's terrifying Exorcist maze the week before, had no less scares this time around even though Grande was there to keep him company.

Both he and Grande seemed thoroughly spooked during the duration of the maze, where characters from the popular Ryan Murphy show jumped out at the pair, prompting plenty of swearing and screaming.

After they had completed the maze, Grande conceded that the maze wasn't that bad, but she did get her thrills in this Halloween.

"Somewhere in there is my heart," she said of the chilling experience.

Watch Lassner and Grande freak out in the maze below.

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