Before they were a dragon and a hobbit, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were Sherlock and Watson respectively in the latest BBC remake of the classic detective story. The first two seasons are on Netflix, while the third season is currently airing on PBS’ MASTERPIECE.
 Robert Viglasky—Hartswood Films/MASTERPIECE

Watch the Spot-On Honest Trailer for Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock a.k.a. 'Downton Crabby'

Nov 01, 2016

PBS has finally announced a premiere date of Jan. 1 for Sherlock's fourth — and possibly final — season, making the debut of Screen Junkies' new honest trailer very timely.

The YouTube channel released one of its infamous parodies for the detective drama Tuesday, nicknaming it "Downton Crabby" and poking fun at stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman — who play Sherlock and Watson, respectively.

"Meet Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, obsessive-compulsive and high-functioning sociopath — which is all just Sherlock speak for, 'he's a ginormous d—k to everyone,'" the voiceover begins. "Thrill as he solves London's toughest crimes armed only with the ability to make helpful words float in thin air and the power of knowing whatever the script needs him to know."

Watch the full trailer below.

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