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The Internet Is Cracking Up About a Film Article's Unintentional Pun

Oct 28, 2016

A Toronto Star's movie article has gone viral on the Internet, but perhaps not in the way that was intended.

In both an article about the critically acclaimed film Moonlight and its writer/director Barry Jenkins, Peter Howell writes about Jenkins using the term "coat-switching" in reference to stereotypes.

However, what Jenkins was really saying was code-switching, which Howell detailed in his piece as "deliberately shifting cultural traits and vernacular to suit different circumstances." The term is commonly used in reference to racial identity.

The article has since added a correction, but not before the Internet had some fun with "coatswitching."

One Twitter user was on hand to define coat-switching with pop culture.

#CoatSwitching started trending on Twitter.

There were plenty of hilarious hot takes.

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