(Credit: Hunter Culverhouse / Instagram)

This Photo of Someone's Shiny Legs Is Dividing the Internet

Oct 26, 2016

Remember the dress debacle of 2015, when the Internet was drastically divided on whether or not a dress was black and blue or white and gold?

The debate was later resolved with an explanation of color constancy, but in the end, it remained a hot meme and point of dissent for many.

Now, it looks like there's a new optical illusion that's stirring up conversation on the Internet. Instagram user Hunter Culverhouse posted a photo of legs covered in white paint, but some people are seeing shiny, glossy legs instead.

Culverhouse told Insider's Jacob Shamsian that the illusion was created on accident.

" [I] had some white paint left on my brush and put random lines on my legs, turned out to be a completely confusing picture for everyone on the internet."

What do you think? Shiny legs or legs with white paint?

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