By Zeke J Miller
October 26, 2016

If you only read one thing: Donald Trump may still be running for president, but that doesn’t mean he’s not planning for his future. Thirteen days before Election Day the GOP nominee is opening a new hotel in Washington, bringing the national media to his second property in as many days. Meanwhile, aides are test-driving the makings of Trump TV, with a daily Facebook live stream that serves as an alternate reality echo chamber for his most loyal supporters—one where all the polls show Trump ahead and he’s on the path to certain victory. Trump’s campaign is increasingly relying on a pair of dubious arguments for why polls show him underperforming going into Election Day—that there are “hidden” or “shy” voters that either aren’t being captured by pollsters or are ashamed of saying they will vote for Trump. But neither of those theories are supported by data.

Hillary Clinton released a pair of ads Wednesday making her closing argument to the American people, highlighting the contrast between her experience and her rival’s bombast. And while Trump is opening his hotel, she is appearing with chef Jose Andres, who backed out of a restaurant in Trump’s new DC property after the candidate’s comments last year suggesting that most Mexican immigrants to the U.S. are rapists. (Trump is now suing Andres and fellow celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian.)

Hillary Clinton ended an 18-month cash-dash Tuesday night as she held her final fundraiser of the campaign, but surrogates and her running-mate are going to keep the money flowing in through Election Day. Trump, meanwhile, has ceased fundraising on behalf of the joint “victory” account he formed earlier this year with the Republican National Committee, meaning he is no longer raising large checks for the RNC’s technology and field efforts he is relying on.

Money is furiously flowing into down-ballot races, as Republicans struggle to save the Senate and Democrats look to make additional inroads in the House. Why a protest candidate matters in Utah. And Newt Gingrich has an on-air meltdown.

Here are your must reads:

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Sound Off

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“You are fascinated with sex” — Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly as he ducked questions on the women accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault

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