This Controversial Map of State-by-State Halloween Candy Favorites Is Dividing Our Nation

candy corn
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Apparently, Californians really love... Lifesavers?

It looks like the high emotions of election season have crossed over into our nation’s appetite for candy this Halloween. A new survey conducted by product review site Influenster breaks down state-by-state candy favorites—and it shows that our nation is decidedly divided with its sweet tooth.

While the Halloween staple of candy corn took the top spot in 5 states, everything from Toblerone chocolates (Arizona) to Sweet Tarts (New York) and Swedish Fsh (Pennsylvania) also nabbed a win, to name just a few of the eclectic sweets that can now claim a state as their own. Naturally, citizens are not satisfied and feel that the representation of their respective states seems skewed.

The fact that controversial candy corn is the most popular in the most states certainly doesn’t sit well with some.

For others, the odd truth that Lifesavers took California is… unsettling.

Many more had strong reactions to the unusual selections.

Finally, one user summed it up:

If it’s any consolation, the popular vote shows that Reese’s, Kit Kat, and Butterfingers are America’s overall favored candies, according to Influenster.
That democracy thing really is tricky.

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