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Chewbacca Fans Will Love This Dark New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deleted Scene

Let the Wookiee win

The 3D Collector’s Edition of The Force Awakens is set to be released Nov. 15 and with it, several new deleted scenes, including a never-before-seen moment in Maz Kanata’s bar.

In the clip — which was revealed by Entertainment Weekly Tuesday — Rey is confronted by Unkar Plutt, the Jakku junk dealer from whom she, Finn and BB-8 stole the Millennium Falcon. The blob-like alien threatens Rey and demands that she come with him, prompting Chewbacca to come to her aid. The sequence closes with Plutt prodding at Chewy’s recently injured arm while saying, “Half a Wookiee isn’t much.”

However, the scene has a different — and much more brutal — ending on the new Blu-ray disc, according to EW. Harkening back to a moment in A New Hope when Han Solo tells C-3PO that Wookiees are prone to ripping people’s arms out of their sockets, Chewy proceeds to yank one of Plutt’s arms off and throw it across the room in order to protect his new scavenger friend.

Watch the first half of the scene below.

Read more at EW.com.


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