A view of the vineyard in Greve in Chianti, near Florence, is pictured on September 19, 2016. Three hundred years ago on September 24, 2016, Cosimo III, Grand Duke of Tuscany, issued a decree declaring that chianti wine could only be produced within a designated area between the renaissance powerhouses of Florence and Siena. / AFP / TIZIANA FABI (Photo credit should read TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images) TIZIANA FABI-AFP/Getty Images

An Italian Town Has a Miraculous Wine Fountain—and It’s Totally Free

Oct 17, 2016

Stop what you’re doing and start planning your next vacation—and don’t forget to pack a wine glass.

A vineyard in the Abruzzo region of Central Italy has installed the tourist destination of your dreams, a wine fountain, Mashable reports. This magical destination is exactly what it sounds like, a fountain that flows 24-hours a day with red wine. And the best part is that the wine is completely free.

This so-called fontana di vino is located in the Dora Sarchese vineyard in the small town of Caldari di Ortona, which sits on the Italian pilgrimage route of Cammino di San Tommaso. According to The Local, the fountain is a joint project of the vineyard and a non-profit group that works to protect the pilgrimage route. It was inspired by a similar wine fountain that opened on Spain’s pilgrimage route, the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, a few years ago.

The Italian fountain is open to all travelers who find themselves thirsty for a glass of the locally grown, locally made wine, so long as you’re not a “drunkard” or “lout," of course. According to the vineyard’s Facebook page those people are not invited and will have to make due with boring old water fountains instead.

(H/T Mashable/The Local)

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