Yasmin Nakhuda in Oshawa, Canada, on May 30, 2013
Yasmin Nakhuda in Oshawa, Canada, on May 30, 2013. Bernard Weil—Getty Images

Ikea Monkey's Old Owner Now Has 2 More Monkeys

Oct 04, 2016

The owner of a monkey that famously wandered around a Canadian Ikea in a shearling coat has acquired two more pet monkeys since Darwin was taken away from her.

Yasmin Nakhuda rose to international attention in 2012 when the Internet was swarmed with photos and videos of Darwin, a Japanese macaque, roaming around Ikea after he escaped from her car. Laws about buying exotic animals as pets are inconsistent in Canada, the CBC reports, but after a long court battle Darwin was taken to an animal sanctuary. Nakhuda misses him, but she has two new monkeys for company, one of which is also a Japanese macaque named Caesar. "He fills my life, I love him a lot, but he's not Darwin and will never be Darwin," Nakhuda told the CBC.

In addition to her two new monkeys, Nakhuda has two marmosets, a wallaroo and a handful of other unusual pets.


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