(Credit: Warner Bros.)

Yes, You'll Be Able to Cast Spells With Google's New Virtual Reality Fantastic Beasts App

Oct 04, 2016

In case you've always dreamed of waving a wand like Harry and Hermione, your wish can now be a reality thanks to Google.

According to Venture Beat, Google announced on Tuesday that they will be making an app based on the upcoming Harry Potter movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for its Daydream virtual reality platform.

The app will use the Google-branded headset, the Daydream View (coming in November for $79,) and the Day Dream controller, which will function as a sort of wand-like device in virtual reality; which means that you'll not only be able to see the world of magic, but you'll be able to actually cast spells with a wand.

All the devices can be used with Google's new smartphone, the Google Pixel, which also debuted on Tuesday.

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