Eden xo Commits to Neon-Tinged Love in the Trippy Music Video for 'El Barrio'

Oct 03, 2016

Pop singer Eden xo has been the frontwoman for rock bands, has opened for Britney Spears, and has impersonated a hard-partying Sleeping Beauty for a music video—but it looks like she's finally coming into her own in the trippy, stylized new video for her latest single, "El Barrio."

The peroxide-blonde ingenue (real name: Jessica Eden Malakouti) has the manicured look of a modern-day Gwen Stefani as she breathily sings the story of love against all odds—"classic good girl meets bad boy," as she told Idolator. It's not just a random storyline, either; it's partially based on her mom's life, she explained: "She ran away to Mexico and got married when she was just 19. There’s a whole story there that’s not mine to tell, but it gave me some good inspiration to draw on.” Except that in the neon-lit world of Eden xo, the titular "barrio" is actually an alien planet of black lights and crinkly silver surfaces, which matches nicely with the spacey vibe of the synth-forward melody.

"Everyone I used to know thinks I'm insane in the membrane," she sings, decked out in an elaborate headpiece. "My mother told me I should break ties." Looks like the allure of her neon-tattooed extraterrestrial lover is hard to quit.

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