Now You Can Fend Off Vampires with Black Garlic Doritos in Japan

Sep 30, 2016

Leave it to Japan to once again give us the foods we didn't know we needed: in this case, a vampire defense system and savory munchie packaged as a brand-new type of that childhood favorite of snacks, the Dorito. But this is no friendly Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese flavor; no, the new chip is all powerful garlic, and is stained an inky charcoal black for that optimum weird factor.

The limited-edition chips are out just in time for Halloween, of course. They follow in the mold of IKEA's black ninja hot dog, McDonald's pumpkin-and-chocolate French fries, and Burger King's black-bun Whopper as one of Japan's more unusual (and dark) iterations of a fast food favorite.

These also come hot on the heels of the release of the world's spiciest chip, another Halloween-themed novelty chip that has regularly brought taste-testers to tears. In both cases, snack at your own risk.

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