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Luke Cage Star Says Binge Watching is Disturbing

Myles Aronowitz—Netflix Marvel's Luke Cage

It took six months to shoot Luke Cage - but viewers will get through it in just a couple of days

The star of Netflix’s latest Marvel superhero spin-off, Luke Cage, has described the pace in which people binge watch television series as “disturbing.”

Mike Colter, who appeared in Million Dollar Baby, The Good Wife and the earlier Marvel-Netflix collaboration Jessica Jones, plays the titular role in the new series. Luke, the superhero protagonist, is a wrongfully convicted ex-con with unbreakable skin, remarkable endurance, incredible strength and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Speaking on BBC radio, Colter commented on how television and movies have changed over the past decade. “The budgets are high and the quality of the show is tremendous because you can tell a character-driven tale over a span of time – not two and a half hours, but we’re talking about 13 hours. People look at them like mini movies,” he said.

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The series took roughly half a year to shoot, but Colter knows viewers will get through it all in just a couple of days. “People [will] binge and watch it in two days, but it took us six months to [film] that!” he added. “When it comes to how fast they watch it, it’s a little disturbing.”

All 13 episodes of Luke Cage premier on Netflix just after midnight Friday.

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