Movie: The Producers, 1968; Play: The Producers, 2001.
Movie: The Producers, 1968; Play: The Producers, 2001.Embassy Pictures
Movie: The Producers, 1968; Play: The Producers, 2001.
Movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, 1975; Play: Spamalot, 2004.
Movie: Rocky, 1976; Play: Rocky the Musical, 2012.
Movie: The Evil Dead, 1981; Play: Evil Dead: The Musical, 2003.
Movie: Footloose, 1984; Play: Footloose, 1998.
Movie: Dirty Dancing, 1987; Play: Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage, 2004.
Movie: Hairspray, 1988; Play: Hairspray, 2002.
Movie: The Little Mermaid, 1989; Play: The Little Mermaid, 2007.
Movie: Edward Scissorhands, 1990; Play: Edward Scissorhands, 2005.
Movie: Beauty and the Beast, 1991; Play: Beauty and the Beast, 1994.
Movie: Sister Act, 1992; Play: Sister Act, 2009.
Movie: Muriel's Wedding, 1994; Play: Muriel’s Wedding: The Musical, 2017.
Movie: The Lion King, 1994; Play: The Lion King, 1997.
Movie: The Wedding Singer, 1998; Play: The Wedding Singer, 2006.
Movie: Legally Blonde, 2001; Play: Legally Blonde: The Musical, 2007.
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Movie: School of Rock, 2003; Play: School of Rock, 2015.
Movie: The Producers, 1968; Play: The Producers, 2001.
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From The Producers to Hairspray: 17 Movies That Were Turned Into Plays

Throughout film history, American theaters have long been staging stories that first began as wildly popular movies.

Following in that tradition, Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge!, the 2001 adrenaline-pumping modern musical movie, will be developed into a musical for the stage, the company Global Creatures announced recently.

Typically, a show like Chicago or Cabaret has to prove it can draw the crowds in the theater world before Hollywood takes it for a spin. But sometimes, things travel in the other direction. From the anger-purging gymnastics of Footloose to the inclusive, energetic cast of Hairspray, several beloved plays that thrilled theatergoers came from original films.

Here is TIME's list of 17 movies that were turned into plays.

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