Adele performs at Arena di Verona on May 28, 2016 in Verona, Italy. (Photo by Francesco Prandoni/Getty Images)
Francesco Prandoni/Getty Images
By Emily Kirkpatrick / People
July 21, 2016

Right now, Pokémon Go pandemonium has swept the nation. People are losing weight, getting dates, getting robbed, and alienating their non-Poké playing friends all thanks to this little app.

So allow us to couch this latest Adele story in terms that will make sense to you (and your unquenchable thirst to catch ’em all). Remember last week when typically jaded, laconic New Yorkers lost their goddamn minds in Central Park when an extremely rare Vaporeon spawned right before their eyes — causing ordinary citizens to go scrambling, phones desperately outstretched? Well, Adele wearing no makeup is just like that Vaporeon, only rarer.

On Instagram on Wednesday, Adele posted two black and white selfies on her tightly curated account, both of which featured the singer without her signature swipe of lipstick and iconic black cat-eye. In the first image, captioned “Vancouver, CA,” a bare-faced Adele sits on a patio, gazing off into the distance (hopefully contemplating her next smash hit number one album) while enjoying a glass of wine in an elegant lace maxi dress paired with leopard print flats.

In the second image, Adele mugs for the camera, making a very serious face while pointing to the label on her jumpsuit that reads “Canucks Security.” Clearly, the pop star is taking her new law enforcement role extremely seriously, which means no time for superfluous cosmetics.

For those trainers looking to add the elusive makeup-free Adele to their ever-expanding roster of Pokés, simply set out a lure consisting of a couple Grammys, a couture gown, and a recording of yourself saying “Hello…it’s me,” on repeat. Then simply wait 5 years for her to release a new album and she’s all yours.

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