Presumptive Republican nominee for US president Donald Trumpwaves as he arrives to his Trump Turnberry Resort with his daughter Ivanka Trump on June 24, 2016 in Ayr, Scotland.
Jeff J Mitchell—Getty Images
By Kastalia Medrano
July 7, 2016

Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker very considerately removed himself from the Donald Trump Veepstakes on Wednesday, though not before gifting us with his thoughts on who most deserves to be on the ticket. “His best running mate, by the way, would be Ivanka,” Corker said. As an apparent afterthought, he added that beta offspring Eric would be “equally impressive.” Which, ouch. Eric isn’t old enough anyway; Ivanka, however, will turn the required 35 years of age just in time.

It’s all very House of Cards. There are restrictions around citizenship, of course, and around minimum age and maximum terms, and false, oft-misunderstood restrictions about the President and his or her VP being from the same state, but no apparent restrictions on what would be the democratic world’s most extreme example of nepotism. There would be no historical precedent in this country. But if Trump, Sr., wanted to make this happen, this could happen.

Trump himself has even alluded a few times to the possibility, though you’d be forgiven for seeing such headlines as “Trump eyeing daughter as running mate?” and assuming it was just another story on how sexually attractive he finds her.

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