You Don't Need to Worry About Parallel Parking With These Omnidirectional Wheels

Jun 30, 2016

For those who aren't parallel parking pros, the omnidirectional wheels from inventor William Liddiard are a dream come true.

Watch the video above to see the car tires Liddiard developed that let the vehicle roll sideways. Omnidirectional wheels are not a new concept, but Liddiard said his version is distinct because they merely need to be bolted to the car to function, the Verge reports.

Liddiard's wheels as seen above are still in preliminary stages, but he has said he intends to sell them to major car manufacturers once he finalizes the production.

In the meantime, anyone longing for the ability to slide sideways in a vehicle has to just hope that these hit the market before driverless cars take away the need for easier driving altogether.

[The Verge]

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