google doodle karl landsteiner
Google Doodle honoring Karl Landsteiner Google

New Google Doodle Honors Karl Landsteiner, Discoverer of Blood Groups

Jun 14, 2016

Karl Landsteiner, the subject of Tuesday's Google Doodle, may not be a household name, but his work helps save millions of lives every day.

The Austrian-American biologist, in 1901, discovered the four blood types — A, B, AB and O — leading to the first-ever blood transfusion six years later.

Landsteiner also collaborated with scientist Erwin Popper to lay the foundation that led to the discovery of the poliovirus, thus enabling the treatment of a disease that afflicted millions of children.

"On what would be his 148th birthday, we thank you, Karl Landsteiner, for helping us lead longer, healthier lives," Google said in a statement.

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