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See Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom in Japan

Instagrammers show the world the beauty of sakura season

Every year, around late March to early April, cherry blossoms — or sakura — bloom all across Japan. They usher in a new season and transform the landscape into a sea of white and gorgeous light pink. People have been taking to Instagram to share the beauty of Japan in full bloom:

#桜 #高知城 #高知

A photo posted by すず (@suzu8bz) on

#桜#さくら#花見#川沿い 桜が満開に咲いてました♥️春到来です^ ^

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Cloudy Spring Day #cloudy #cloudysky #spring #cherryblossom #sakura #playground #japan #桜

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* おはようございます( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 年度末の月曜日、今週も頑張ろう *

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