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By Maggie Parker
April 6, 2016

You no doubt know that weddings are a costly undertaking—but the exact price tag is enough to give anyone a case of sticker shock: The average cost of a wedding in America is now $32,641, according to The Knot’s 2015 Real Weddings Study. And that doesn’t even include the honeymoon! That’s about $1,500 more than it was in 2014 and about $5,500 more than it was in 2010.

Granted, $32,641 is just the average. Manhattan was the most expensive place in America to get married last year; nuptials there cost $82,299. In Alaska—the least expensive place to tie the knot in the U.S.—the average cost of a wedding is $17,361.

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The Knot—a wedding brand and online marketplace—surveyed nearly 18,000 U.S. brides and grooms who got married in 2015. The survey’s sponsor obviously has a vested interest in the results, but the numbers are still pretty staggering.

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Here’s the average price tag on weddings in a few other locations:

Chicago: $61,265

New York City (Outer Boroughs): $46,682

Maryland – Baltimore: $36,934

Hawaii: $36,424

Arkansas: $19,856

New Mexico: $20,114

Montana: $20,322

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