By Zeke J Miller
April 5, 2016

It’s Wisconsin primary day and both challengers need big nights Tuesday to keep their candidacies going. For Bernie Sanders, it’d keep his well-funded-but under-performing campaign in the mix as the race heads to New York. For Ted Cruz, a win, particularly a significant win, would give him nearly all of the state’s delegates—and more importantly, keep them from Donald Trump—increasing the likelihood of a contested convention. A surprise win by either Trump or Hillary Clinton would cement their respective paths to the nomination, though neither is holding an election night event—highlighting their lack of confidence in the day. Feeling the wind at their backs, the challengers are stepping up their rhetoric, with Sanders on offense over Clinton’s high-dollar fundraising even after securing a final debate, and Cruz calling out Trump’s personal attacks. Polls close in the state at 8 p.m. Central, with results expected swiftly thereafter.

The Republican National Committee continues is education effort on a contested convention with a new video, as Trump continues to complain about the party rules. While leading in the delegate count, Trump has seen his pledged delegates infiltrated by supporters of other candidates in Tennessee, claimed victory only to see delegates abandon him in North Dakota, and is fighting back challenges in nearly every other state. Trump’s increasingly visible frustrations have been focused thus far on the system, not with his shoe-string campaign, which had long ignored the rules and delegate processes.

Trump releases his plan to get Mexico to pay for the border wall. The coming GOP platform fight on same-sex marriage. And the great debate over Democratic debates ends.

Here are your must-reads:

Must Reads

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Supreme Court Rejects Conservative Challenge to ‘One Person, One Vote’
Unanimous decision impacts how legislative districts are drawn [Washington Post]

Some GOP Senators Take Heat for Easing Stance on Court Seat
Conservative groups police their own [Wall Street Journal]

Sound Off

“Somebody said, ‘Well, there’s a rule and another rule.’ I don’t care about rules, folks. … We win, we get the delegates.” — Donald Trump at an event in Milwaukee Monday evening complaining about the RNC delegate process

“Someone is not electable if he can’t get elected.” — Ted Cruz calling for John Kasich to exit the race in a Fox News town hall Monday

Bits and Bites

Clinton and Sanders Agree to Hold Brooklyn Debate [TIME]

Bernie Sanders Calls For Shutting Down New York Nuke Plant [NBC]

6 Talk Radio Hosts, on a Mission to Stop Donald Trump in Wisconsin [New York Times]

Bernie Sanders Meets with the Daily News Editorial Board [Daily News]

Inside Trump’s ‘Privatized Mercenary Force’ [Politico]

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