Aedes aegypti mosquitos are seen in containers at a lab of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the Sao Paulo University, on January 8, 2016 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Researchers at the Pasteur Institute in Dakar, Senegal are in Brazil to train local researchers to combat the Zika virus epidemic.  Nelson Almeida—AFP/Getty Images

Zika Virus' Structure Determined for the First Time

Mar 31, 2016
TIME Health
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Researchers from Purdue University announced a major breakthrough Thursday, becoming the first team to determine the structure of the Zika virus.

The groundbreaking discovery reveals insights that are critical to finding an effective antiviral treatment or vaccine for the virus.

The team, which published a paper on their findings in the journal Science, also identified regions within the Zika virus that set it apart from other insect-borne viruses such as dengue, West Nile, and yellow fever.

"The structure of the virus provides a map that shows potential regions of the virus that could be targeted by a therapeutic treatment, used ..."

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