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Watch Jon Stewart Eat Pizza with Bill de Blasio

Feb 04, 2014

After an intense first month in office that has seen three big snow storms, harsh criticism and the city hosting its first Super Bowl, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made his first Daily Show appearance Monday night, ready to set the record straight about a few important things.

Thankfully, host Jon Stewart didn't waste any time taking Hizzoner to task about the issue on everyone's mind, de Blasio's penchant for eating pizza with a knife and fork:

Stewart and de Blasio broke bread over John's Pizza and Big Gulps (though in the nearly 6-foot, 6-inch mayor's hand, it "looked" like a normal-size soda), and de Blasio demonstrated that he knows well how New Yorkers like to eat their pizza, folded in one hand.

Later in the interview, de Blasio discussed many of the issues facing the city, such as stop-and-frisk, plans to raise taxes, and other plans for the post-Bloomberg city:

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