Patrick T. Fallon—Bloomberg/Getty Images
By Maggie Parker
March 25, 2016

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel talked mansplaining to Hillary Clinton during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, and she handled it like a first-class lady…er, should we say man? Let’s just say she handled it like a boss.

First, in classic mansplaining fashion, Kimmel explained what manpslaining means…even though Clinton had already given him the correct definition of the word.

Before he let her take the stage, Kimmel criticized her outfit choice, saying that next time she should wear something “fun but not too fun; serious but not too serious.”

After stepping up to a podium and saying about three words, Kimmel stopped her to address her “shrill” voice. “You’re making a speech, not an arrest,” he said.

Of course, when she responded by lowering her voice, Kimmel went on to say she sounded like a mouse.

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Then, the funny man unleashed the real zinger: “You know what would be nice?” he said. “If you smiled.”

Watch the full segment:

At least this is proof that there are some men who realize how ridiculous it is to hold Clinton’s gender against her.

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