By Katie Reilly
March 15, 2016

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said he thinks Republican leaders will fall in line and support him if he clinches the party nomination.

Trump, who has touted his distance from the party establishment, said in an interview with the TODAY show on Tuesday that he’s already receiving calls from Republicans who want to sit down with him.

“The biggest people in the party are calling,” he said, declining to name names beyond mentioning a call he received last week from House Speaker Paul Ryan, who also talked to other candidates about the party’s policy agenda, the Washington Post reported.

“A lot of people are calling because they see what’s happening,” said Trump, who has faced opposition from party leaders, even has he has won the approval of Republican voters.

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Ahead of another important set of primaries on Tuesday, Trump also said he’s not worried about the threat posed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich in his home state’s primary. Ohio awards delegates in a winner-take-all manner, and a Trump victory in the state would make it increasingly difficult for another candidate to edge him out for the nomination.

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